B O O K S​


Growing up along the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky, offered many opportunities to view the bridges that cross the river between my hometown and southern Indiana. Each bridge seemed to display its own beauty and personality, regardless of location, length or design. These bridges contributed to the history of Louisville, New Albany, Jeffersonville, Clarksville and Utica, which is what sparked my interest in these structures. While bridges have always been difficult to photograph well, the challenge enticed me. A combination of local history and a chance to practice photo skills were reasons enough to begin this investigation.

East End Bridge

  •  One of newest bridges
  •  Named Lewis and  Clark 
  • Connects Prospect to Utica 


Sherman Minton Bridge

  • Double decker bridge 
  • Arch bridge 
  • Portland to New Albany

14th Street Bridge

  • Truss vertical 
  • Louisville to Falls
  • Oldest bridge 

The Magical Candy Cane 

Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? Sarah didn't until she brings home a magical candy cane named Mr. Andy Candy Cane. Everyone learns the true meaning of Christmas joy with Sarah and Mr. Andy's help: spending time with people, using our talents to serve others, and sharing with those in need. 

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